Initial Consultation

Our first face to face meeting when we establish your fashion needs and wants. Discussion about dressing for your shape, style goals, and a choice between 30 different ensembles for the season, seasonal look book, or a closet clean up.

Season Check-Up

Consultation for the season, a check-up for your closet including a choice between another closet clean up or 30 different ensembles.

Closet Clean-Up

Time to go through your closet and decide what is out of style, needs to be replaced, doesn't fit right for your body type, and what we can add to help shape your style. Don't worry, I'll be there to hold your hand when parting with clothes, and I will never make you say goodbye to items you can't live without. 

Personal Styling 24/7

Contact me any time of the day for fashion advice. I will be able to give you weekly outfits based on weather, your weekly agenda, and your style. 

Personal Shopping

A chance to add some new pieces to your wardrobe tailored to your style. Clothing can be chosen based off of the initial consultation, or if you have specific items you have been on the hunt for. 

Styling for Events & Vacations

No need to pack for your vacation when I can pack for you! I'll pick out the perfect outfits based on weather, location, and practicality. In your wardrobe may be the perfect ensemble for a special event and I will take care of that.

Styling & Shopping for Events & Vacations

Let me pack for your vacation! I will not only shop for you and pick out pieces that you are missing to look amazing, but I can help put together versatile outfits that can be worn different ways to maximize that suitcase space. A special event will require finding the perfect ensemble and I am here to help find it for you via shopping and/or utilizing pieces from your wardrobe. 

Perfect Picks

Each month a new outfit will be delivered to your house. Try on the clothes and decide which ones to keep or have me return. A surprise each month to add to your wardrobe!

Look Book

Your very own how-to guide for your wardrobe. This look book can be downloaded anywhere and is full of different ways to wear the items in your closet. Ask for one each season and you will never wonder what to wear again!

Big Day Styling

Don't stress finding wedding attire for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or yourself! We can work together to lighten the work load before you tie the knot, and make you and the rest of your party look amazing. From the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette ensembles to your wedding dress and more.


Have more questions about any of the above services, or have something else in mind? Contact me!