Schoaleh Monadjemi

Alexa was fun, creative and genuine. She knows style and is great to not only help with your existing wardrobe, but to shop with you to find those perfect additions to enhance your figure and utilize what you already have!

Arlene Meyer

Alexa helped me make sense of my wardrobe. I finally saw the potential on how to use what I had in my closet. She not only helped me organize what I had, but took pictures of the ensembles and made a secret board on my Pinterest account to keep the photos there. Very creative, personable, and professional is Alexa.

Jennifer O'Brien

Alexa helped me sort through my current wardrobe and get rid of dated, worn, and unnecessary duplicate items. I didn't even know I had almost 5 identical black tops crowding my closet! She then added unique pieces back in that really reflected my style, along with some timeless basics. I highly recommend her service.

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